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How To Organize Emails In Gmail
how to retrieve archived emails in gmail To Organize Emails In Gmail
Do you ever find yourself staring at an inbox which you would happily disown but no you can`t because somewhere in there is the email you need? Well I know I do and I think it might be time to surmount this challenge.
Gmail is one of the best email platforms I have ever used web based other wise and it wasn`t until I was looking at a number somewhere over 4000 for my personal inbox I had to admit to myself that I had reached email overload and that I really need to do something about it. So after doing the washing up, the laundry and walking the dog I set to it.
Only problem at this stage was that I didn`t know that I didn`t know what Gmail did so I spent a bit of time looking around on the net and found some useful insights into managing any inbox. The first slew of tips I came across was for dealing with SPAM. It`s practically impossible to eliminate but you can adjust you spam filters to be more effective and Gmail has a handy feature where you can `mark as spam` and then Google will `learn` what you do and don`t want in your inbox which saves time.
Another good point with spam is to treat your email address like you treat your phone number, would you give your number out to just anybody? No. Same with an email, so who should you trust with your details? The best rule of thumb is to check if the website or blog has a privacy policy, if it does it`s a safe bet, if not move on. The lack of a privacy policy suggests that the website can and probably will `share` or sell your details with the highest bidder to do who knows what with! So in summary only give an email address to a web site or blog which wants to keep your details safe, if this is the case the will make it easy to find the privacy policy.
Excellent we are now in a much cleaner inbox with it being spam free and all. Trouble is I`ve still got an ever growing list of correspondence from friends, family, extended family, work, work and business contacts, groups, social networks and memberships I`m part of. It`s enough to make me want to tear out my hair especially as there is always something more important or just something more interesting to do. Is there a solution? Yes! Folders and this cannot be stressed enough, folders, folders, folders. What this allows you to do is effectively separate all the different elements of your email life. It is possible to set your preference`s in such a way that any incoming mail from mom will go directly into one folder `family` for example while everything from the office can go straight into a folder called `work` or whatever you wish to call it. Personally I have the folders set up but will do any moving manually so that something doesn`t slip through the cracks so to be speak.
And then there is archiving. This is a useful way of not getting bogged down in what was happening two weeks or two years ago. All the emails are still there should you need to get them and this task is made light work with Gmail`s handy search mail function. It just files them away in deeper storage allowing you to stay where you need to be which is firmly in the present. This function can be set to occur automatically (my favourite) when an email gets to say two weeks old it gets archived, which is good motivation and makes sure I do something about here, in the present.
Word to this wise concerning archiving. If using this at work with a work specific email then do be careful what is going in your emails, in fact most work emails are archived with or without your expressed participation. The reason this is important for you is that if for any reason you end up in court for a work related reason lawyers love jumping into the email archive to see if there is anything to work with, especially as sarcasm or in jokes can have their meanings twisted by any half decent lawyer building a case. Best thing to do here is to maintain professionalism.
And I think the most underrated thing I have heard is check your emails twice a day, no more. Turn off the notification noise and close the tab or window. It`s email, if someone really needs to reach you they can phone, otherwise get back to them at a certain every time. Doing this not only stops distractions which frees up your time and in doing so makes you more productive but also helps create your continuity, people know when to expect a response and because you can focus on that response it will be of a better quality!
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